Activity 1

TitleActivity Prerequisitesiste nets.sDurationSummarySuggested Cross-Curricular Links
Solar Storm Surfer Introduces the ProblemNone








1 hour

The class watches the video of Solar Storm Surfer asking for help.  The students are then formed into teams to find out more about the problem by reading the video/audio/picture messages on the interactive map.  They record their findings on a class wiki and tweet their findings to Solar Storm Surfer, and at the end of the activity share their learning with the class.

Note:  If Twitter isn’t available at your school, this component isn’t essential.

ICT (online research, using a wiki, and tweeting)

English (taking notes on research topics)

Download the PDF


Solar Storm Surfer introduces the problem

Download the SSS Video 1 script

Messages from Solar Storm Surfer

Note: Encourage students to zoom in on the map as there are a number of messages posted in the same area; for example, there are multiple messages posted from the Washington, D.C. area.

View Solar Storm Surfer Messages in a larger map