Activity 6

TitleActivity Prerequisitesiste nets.sDurationSummarySuggested Cross-Curricular Links
The MMS MissionNone 






4 hours 40 min

Solar Storm Surfer presents students with their final challenge and student teams bring the key messages from the MMS Mission to life in a class dramatic performance.  The performance is recorded at the end of the activity.

Note:  If Activity 4 is completed in isolation as part a cross-curricula science-drama event, then tweeting and integrating the play into a final broadcast is not necessary.

Drama (writing, performing and directing a play)

English (writing and editing play scripts)

Music (writing songs/music and providing sound effects)

Dance (choreographing and performing dance routines)

Art (set, costume and prop design)

Technology (working with stage lighting and sound)


Solar Storm Surfer introduces a new challenge

Download the SSS Video 2 script

Download the PDF